My fingers ached, waiting to trace the line of his small, neat ear and the blunt angle of his jaw. As he approached, I began to get even more nervous and wonder what would happen if I could touch him, imagine the sparks. I was able to play my every move in my head, but never to guess what his reaction would be. That was the thing about him: this mysterious aura around that big, mature strong man.

When I was about to drool, he came to me.

“A Mocha Late, please.”

Before I could even open my mouth, he gave me the money and moved to the other end of the counter to wait for his coffee. Something had happened, he wasn’t usually in such a bad mood. I just wish I know what it was, because for that man I would literally move mountains.

“A cookie and a cappuccino, please.”

By the time I finished the next client, he was gone. Just like that. In one second he came to my direction, the next he disappeared leaving just my hope that he would come the next morning.

My shift ended just like any other, I got my stuff and started to leave. I was hungry, tired and thinking about Mr. Mystery as I would in a normal day, but I felt something was different. I had a feeling that would be the day to change my life forever. Silly thoughts, of course. Those things only happened in movies and novels. But wouldn’t it be nice if –

Everything went black and I could only feel the cold street floor on my back.

“Are you ok?” said the angel’s voice. “I’m so sorry, I was distracted and didn’t see you coming. Are you hurt? I can drive you to a hospital if you need.”

I opened my eyes and was certain that was an angel.

“Don’t worry, it was just a car door.” She helped me up. “Besides, I was preety distracted too. I’m ok, really.”

“I just feel so terrible about it. Let me make it up to you somehow, please.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.” God, I need to spend more time with this angel!

“Where were you going, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you have any plans?”

“I was just going home, actually.”

“So I’m taking you out to lunch. I insist.”

She insists, there’s nothing I can do.

Lunch went great and I could just wonder what an angel’s business would be on earth. I always thought they had better things to do.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?” It was a long shot, but I had nothing to lose.

“I would love that” I was surprised.

Coffee went even better, although we never got to drink it. Now I knew she was just a rebel tired of heaven experimenting a little with humans. But I didn’t care, as long as she was with me.

I told her all about my earth, and she listened lovingly. She told me all about her heaven, and I payed close attention. No fear, no judgments. Just the two of us, and nothing else existed.

I can’t say we lost track of time, because it was no longer a known concept for us. We just felt like it was enough, and it was ok. We kissed goodbye and she left. Because past and future weren’t in our minds, we never bothered to exchange numbers or arrange to meet again. It was what it was, and we accepted it. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even think about all that at the time. And then, suddenly, she was gone. 

I went to work the next day as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. And that was exectly how it felt.

“This might seem a bit weird, but could I speak with you about something?” How could I had not noticed him coming? It didn’t matter, he wanted to speak with me about something.

“I have a break in ten minuts. Do you want the usual?”

“Sure, I’ll be waiting for you at the table.”

“A Mocha Latte coming right up.” I was smiling.

As I walked tword Mr. Mystery, my creative mind was stuck and it was impossible to imagine what he wanted. I went anyway.

“This may sound out of the blue and maybe even a little creepy because we never actually met officially – although we see each other every day, but maybe you don’t even notice me… ah… anyway, what I’m trying to say is sorry about yesterday, I was kind of in a bad place and ended up not treating you very nicely. I’m really sorry.”

No reaction.

“That’s right, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m -“

Mr. Mystery, I thought.

“Don’t sweat it, I usually have a lot worse clients. And you are very polite all the other mornings, so no problem at all.”

“Oh, so you do remember me?”

“Kind of, yeah.” Awkward.

“Listen, I know this is all just crazy, but would you go out with me tonight?”

That came out of nowhere!

“Ah… Sure, I guess…”

“Great! So where should I pick you up?”

“We could just meet here later, is that ok?” to keep at least some of the mystery.

“It’s a date! I’ll see you at seven?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Perfect. I have to go now, but see you tonight.”

And through the door he went. I still couldn’t process what had just happened, but needed to go back to work. And so I did.

It was a bit weird to be sitting down at my work place, but now as a client. I still couldn’t understand that unusual morning. Everything went down so fast, and now I wasn’t even sure what to feel.

He came in, big nervous smile on his face. “Shall we?”

I loved dinner and we had the most interesting conversations. Politics, Human Rights, movies, art, books, expectations, interior design, silly jokes. Could this be happening?

He took me home and was the perfect gentleman. Never crosses any lines, still showed interest, kept things slow so I wouldn’t be overwelmed. Was that what I wanted?

The next morning, he came in smiling more than ever and as he walked tward me I remembered all the passionate dreams I had with Mr. Mystery that night. I took my break without hesitating and sat at one of the empty tables. His smile was bigger now. He kissed me on the cheak, my body warmed up. He came closer, leaning in my direction. This was it.

My fingers ached, waiting to trace the line of his small, neat ear and the blunt angle of his jaw. As he approached, I began to get even more nervous and wonder what would happen if I touched him, imagine the sparks.

For a still unknown reason, I looked outside at that very moment. There she was, my angel. Without hesitating, I got up and went to her. She was just passing by, but her force pulled me. Now we were just passing by, together.


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  1. Achei lindo, alem de me lembrar completamente a mim, que voce sabe, sou uma platonica incorrigivel!!! me lembra uma musica do Gilberto Gil, “O amor da gente é como um grão,
    uma semente de ilusão, tem que morrer pra germinar” “Não pense na separação, não despedace o coração o verdadeiro amor é vão estende-se infinito imenso monolito”. O verdadeiro amor é vão porque existe por si so, não tem uma razão de ser.

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