A dance of freedom

This bird is a jerk!

Flying around

flapping its wings

through the sky…


This bird is a jerk!

Eating pinaples for breakfast,

bananas for lunch

as its plate, a plant.


This bird is a jerk!

Showing off its feathers,

light as the air,

in a dance of freedom

we cannot deny.


We have our computers

our bottles, a glass

always half empty

while watching the birds…


This bird is a jerk!

The touch of a chain

Bright dots watch, attentive.

Butterflies listen

in a continuous movement

here and there and here again.


The sky sings bright in the night darkness

and the melody

bathes the water

and washes away the pain.


The air smells like happiness

mantling everything on its way

and in a sweet embrace

releases the touch of a chain.